Join Helena

Join Helena

The time is now!!!!

Learn my Life in Synergy Method® and begin a love affair with you.

All great relationships begin with true communication and love, not abuse and fear. Stop fearing the gym and stressing out in your negative patterns and start looking forward to your mind/body me time! The motivation of a group learning with the privacy to really work on you! Complete with 24/7 access and support when you need it!

The perfect combination for your ultimate success. 

The Life in Synergy Method® creates the strongest mind body connection, allowing you to get faster results by supercharging every move and moment of your life with the power of your mind. Stop doing random moves with the hope that they will work. Feel results instantly. You, your mind and your body connected fully to create the ultimate YOU!

Join me and women from all over the world as we unlock the secrets

of our Personal Pyramid and begin shining in our own Life in Synergy! 

What you bring:

The willingness to learn, grow and become your best self.Any internet connected device: laptop, phone, tablet. 

Let's do this!