Yes, you are going to lose weight. Now let's get to the heart of the matter.

You're smart. You know destroying yourself with punishing workouts isn't sustainable or particularly effective. It's certainly not fun. You know it's time to treat yourself with more love, respect & intelligence. Its time to put your mind to work for you to create your best body and your best life.

It's time to find balance, and more room for the activities & foods you love without any guilt.

Regain control, and bring your life, mind & body into synergy. 

One-on-one Attention

One-on-one Attention

GROUP Classes

GROUP Classes

Personalized programs

Personalized programs


Not pilates. Not yoga. Not personal training. Not bootcamp. Not barre.

Then how do I explain it to my friends?

We're not about the latest, greatest fitness fads. Trends go out of style. Trendy clothes fall apart. We do what we do because it works. It's a carefully refined program designed to bring your body and mind into optimal balance so that every moment  (not just the ones spent in the gym) you are effectively working towards happiness physically, mentally and emotionally. It's a system based on science, not extremes. You shouldn't spend all of your time on a treadmill. You shouldn't spend all of your time deciding what is and isn't ok to eat. Life is meant to be enjoyed, savored and not suffered through. Your workout is the same. Your friends will get it when they tag along with you to a class.

We'll Start By Working Smarter, not Harder.

First we get to know you. What is working in your life? What isn't? What are the patterns in both your body and your mind that are preventing you from living your happiest life? When you first meet with your Life in Synergy Coach, we'll figure out what areas of your body can be strengthened, identify what is already optimized and develop a plan that strikes a balance, combining private training with group classes, and even lifestyle coaching. Fitness is only 25% of your total solution. Learning how to bring your mind in synergy, your nutrition in to alignment and why quitting the cardio will actually help you be healthier and lose weight will enable you  to enjoy your time at "the gym", because you should.  It's your time to take care of this one, magnificent body and life. Are you ready for your bliss? That's a Life in Synergy.

No treadmill required.

We are you. We've been there too.

All of our trainers started out as clients.


This sounds sort of...fancy and involved.

Actually, it's going to free up time. Our work together is highly targeted and efficient.

You'll get more results in less time. You'll significantly reduce your hours in the gym and gain more time enjoying your actual life. And if you haven't been getting results at all, this will be the thing that finally works for you.


A better life. And more time to live it.

Ready to get started?