The Mind

All movement and even lack of movement begins in your brain. Right now, as you sit and read your brain is sending signals to your muscles to hold your phone, to your eyes to move, to your muscles to maintain your position, this is where the Synergistics Fitness Method begins. With your thoughts. By beginning in our minds, with mindful movement we can reshape our thoughts as they connect to our bodies, creating a more perfect union of the two. This will help you be in charge of how your body looks and feels. Problems and imbalances happen when there is a lack of synergy between the mind and the body. Get rid of your aches and pains, create the body through your thoughts that you love.

The Body

Your body is here to follow the directions the mind sets. The Synergistics Fitness Method works to increase the ability of your mind and body to connect so that you make each and every movement conscious and working towards the results that you desire. Instead of just doing a movement or workout, you will be able to directly influence each part of your body creating the shape that you love and bringing about a synergy between brain and body. Manifest your perfect body. No one else’s but yours. Unlock your perfection and create the ultimate balance and synergy within.


The Communication

The key to the Synergistics Fitness Method is the development of communication between the mind and the body. Instead of just doing a move, in hopes that it will help, learn to connect and talk to all parts of your body and build a quality relationship. Instead of “hating” a part of your body learn its language, communicate and learn to work in harmony with your body and your being. Yelling never works, which is what most workouts are like, we torture ourselves, or even worse someone else yells at us. Stop the yelling and start to really communicate.

The Love

True love is based in open and honest communication and that is no where more important than how we communicate and love ourselves. Stop yelling at your body and learn to understand, communicate with and really love yourself. The Synergistics Fitness Method helps you to develop a loving relationship with your body and yourself by teaching you the language of all of your muscles, how to communicate effectively with them and through this great conversation how to bring your body and your being in to its ideal alignment, physically and emotionally