Synergistics Fitness Method®

Isn't it time to love your body?

Stop doing workouts in the hope that they will work. SFM is the ultimate mind/body movement, improving your communication with you, re-aligning your body to YOUR perfect state. Stop saying "I hate my... ", and learn to finally love all of you! By harnessing the power of your mind in every move you supercharge your results and efficiency.

Love how you feel, both physically and emotionally. Get rid of nagging negative thoughts of yourself and allow your body to support you instead of tearing you down. Learn to fill your body with thoughts of accomplishment, joy and peace.

SFM is at the top of your pyramid of love, just a few workouts a week will transform your body in to one you love. You will feel results in as little as one hour a week! Your mind is so powerful, put it to use for you and watch your own magical Life in Synergy transformation begin.

Are you ready to love your body?

Nutritional Alignment®

Learn to finally eat what you love and love what you eat!

Food can be a pleasure and joy or a means of abuse. Are you ready to find joy in all of your meals. To feel confident in any situation. To feel supported and sustained? Learn to eat YOUR number, discover your own personal gas mileage and listen to your body's cravings for your ultimate health and happiness. Yes, you can have your cake and look hot too!

Nutritional Alignment is the second layer down on the pyramid of love. Learning to love every meal, snack, cocktail and cupcake will help you realize and stay at your ideal weight for life!

Are you ready to love every meal?

Walking & Water®

It is time to get off the endless cycle of cardio, injuries, highs and lows. To find peace each day in your time with you.

No special shoes required, no punishing workouts, no extra showers. A time to enjoy your body, feed your brain, and create real and lasting peace. Isn't it time to be and enjoy?

Third on the pyramid of love is Walking & Water. This important layer fuels your brain, decreases inflammation and increases your metabolism. Movement your body and mind are designed for and craving all the time.

Are you ready to love moving?

Mind in Synergy Lifestyle Coaching®

All lives are filled with problems and emotions.

Do yours crush you? Do they lead you down the path of self sabotage, stress and anxiety? Learn how to use your problems to build a platform of lasting peace and happiness. Identify your personality type and discover the path to the greatest love of your life, YOU!

The base of our pyramid of love is learning to have a Mind in Synergy. To understand your patterns so that you can learn to flip your pyramid and be in control instead of your life controlling you.

Are you ready to love your life?