"Helena has been my coach, cheerleader and task master! She is knowledgable and wise....."


Not only do I look and feel great, through my work with Helena, thinking through my number and getting my steps in, I can also be in the world better. My husband was skeptical when I told him that I believed working with Helena and not working out like a mad woman every day would change my body. And here we are! Body and perspective changed and all thanks to Helena! 

— M.C.

Helena really does inspire you to become a better you, and she gives you the tools you need to start your journey down that road!"

The first thing that struck me was the sheer common sense with which the author approaches the subject of nutrition and weight. It honestly had not occurred to me to link self esteem with weight control and health, and I've read dozens of books on each subject! What Helena says simply makes so much SENSE.

— R.P.


"I had no idea that a workout could set me free in so many different ways.

you want to look great, feel confident and free and really enjoy yourself, do this!"

— P. T.

"...elevate your self confidence and perception of yourself.”

I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I'm sick and tired of hearing about the latest trends in diet and fitness...Living your Life in Synergy is NOT that. It's not a gimmick, there's no catch. It's a REAL way to learn how to live FULLY and LOVE YOURSELF without having to make outrageous sacrifices.

— S.C.

You can succeed too! Let Helena Collins show you how."

I not only lost weight (53 pounds to be exact) I weighed the same every day for close to three years. Every day my clothes fit, every day I chose what I was eating, it wasn't picked for me, every day I made the choice to live a Life in Synergy.

— S. H.


Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your hard-work and research with us."

I am so happy at this moment (not because I am at my perfect body weight, I know it will come), but because today is the first day that I feel I am beautiful. 

— F.D.

“You may fall in love with yourself again.”

I thought I was doing pretty good with my health but I couldn't stop reading this book. I loved the author's holistic approach and emphasis on the balance of different aspects of life which is derived from her years of experience and experiments. This book definitely shifted something in me. I have a different perspective and heightened awareness about what I put in my mouth to enjoy myself and my life. Everything starts with the most important person on this planet - you. This book is a good nutrition to your brain to easily rediscover and get the beautiful "you" back.

— Y.K.



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