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Are you ready to love your body and love your life, to fully love you? I have the multi award winning answers to help bring success, love, and joy into your life, and I want you to have them, too…


You're smart, with a strong desire to know.

Each day you wake up, with a plan, but that plan seems to go awry, leaving you frustrated, defeated, and looking outside yourself for validation.

You worry constantly about, what others are thinking about you or how you can please and help others more, or how you can solve EVERY problem.

You are stuck in your negative pattern.


You wake up overwhelmed, feeling fragile, vulnerable and exhausted.

If I do the right workout today, if I eat the right things, if I say the right thing to my boss, my mom, my partner.

But that never seems to happen. Instead, you spend your day, walking on eggshells with those that are supposed to be closest to you. Unsure of what to do, what to say, how to fully live.

This vibe has become your new normal. Each day trying to do more, be more, help more and it is slowly is crushing you.

I get it. And you are not alone.

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You are struggling, which is hard to admit.

In a world of smiling posts it becomes increasingly difficult to be truthful about your very real pain and frustration.

I work with amazing people every day who, from the outside looking in, seem to have it all. Success, intelligence, careers, family.

But the truth is, they are frustrated, exhausted stressed out and fragile. People who genuinely want to be their best, and live their best life, but just cannot seem to.


If you’re ready to fully LOVE YOURSELF…

to be in love with YOUR body, to love yourself without judgement or condition, then I invite you to join The Life in Synergy Journey.

A rare and exclusive, one-of-a-kind online course where you’ll learn how to harness your talents in a way that unlocks the enormous power of your consciousness and master your mind/body connection to manifest all that you desire.

By learning to work smart instead of hard and infusing the tools that I will teach you, not only will you get amazing results but you will have more joy, more love for yourself, your life and your body.


For the first time ever get the award winning tools and techniques that I reserve for my private clients only…

Tools that will support you 24/7. Help when and where YOU need it. Your home, your office, in the middle of the night. The support you need and deserve.

Introducing: The Life in Synergy Journey.

Join me for a rare and exclusive, one-of-a-kind masterclass where you’ll learn how to unlock the secrets of your Life in Synergy Pyramid and learn to use this limitless power to create... your life, your body, your dreams.

This masterclass was created especially for you, the smart achiever, are you uncomfortable with that label? Learn how to make it your own, to fully love yourself, to love your body, to love what you eat, to love your life!

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ARE YOU CAUGHT IN THE TRAP OF LIKES? Judging yourself based on what others think of you, or even worse what you THINK that they think of you?

Compound this issue with a life spent online, judging yourself; instagram, facebook, the love hate relationship we all have with our phones and social media. All of this leads to self doubt, feelings of inadequacy about ourselves, our bodies, our likes and dislikes. This is a real crisis.

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•Feel stuck in a body you do not love

•Bombard yourself with inner hate speech and doubt

•Feel like you are the only one that can get things done

•Experience, self doubt, insecurity and frustration

•Put others above or before you

•Feel like your are all on or all off and are tired of entertaining the world

•Find yourself solving everyone’s problems and too exhausted to help your own

•Feel pressure to be perfect

•Exhausted by the endless merry go round in your head

•Feel like your life is a job

Did you answer yes to even ONE of these?

Then you are ready for the Life in Synergy Journey.

It is time to live a loving self first life!


What is the Life in Synergy Journey and why should you want to be on it?

The Life in Synergy Journey is a complete master class on you. How to use your mind and body to create the best, most fulfilling life and fully enjoy it while you are. Filled with endless learning opportunities to fully engage your body, mind and soul. Available to you when and where you actually need them!

Clients that have gone on the Life in Synergy Journey have experienced unparalleled change and success in their lives. You deserve the same!

Helena really does inspire you to become a better you, and she gives you the tools you need to start your journey down that road!
— R.P

It is time.

This journey is for you if you are ready for real change in your very real life.

With great change comes the need for great support, and this is where I really have you covered.

Walking meditations to decompress after work, breathing exercises to keep you on track at your in-laws, stretching routines for your vacation, full workouts for snowy afternoons, meditations to center you and make you unstoppable.

Coupled with real learning, not just learning what to do but understanding the why and the how.

The most important, loving relationship in your life is around the corner, what are you waiting for?

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Do you want…

•A step by step guide to unlocking the power of your pyramid

•Award Winning Synergistics Method® workouts

•Mindful Eating and Nutrition

•Mindful Walking and Meditation

•Mindful Stress Reduction and Communication Building

•Learning to live consciously

•Handling stress in a positive way

•Managing work/life balance

•Classes and workshops to improve your mindfulness skills, physically, mentally, and spirituallyGuided Meditations

•Injury prevention

•Breathing and stress reduction

•Mindful Eating Classes and Workshops

•Life Empowerment Activities

•Multi Award Winning Synergistics Method® workouts

•Full SFM stretching classes

•Mind Balancing Workshops

•Life Nourishment Classes

•Emotional Mind Connections


©2019 Life in Synergy Inc.

©2019 Life in Synergy Inc.


•Have a clear understanding of your mind body connection.

•Be able to customize your life for you.

•Learn how to be in control and supported by your activity in mind and body.

•Learn your optimal balance between strength and flexibility

•Know how to fully nourish yourself.

•Understand the power of breath and how to use it to fully energize your being.

•Unlock the power of your emotional mind.

•Learn to fully live and speak your truth.

•Develop your intuition and recognize your patterns to fully serve your life.

•Unleash your power of connection and pull what is perfect and right in to your life.

•Learn to let go of the inner hate speech.

•Fully love yourself, in body and mind.

•Develop your intuition and recognize your patterns to fully serve your life.

•Unleash your power of connection and pull what is perfect and right in to your life.

•Learn to let go of the inner self hate speech.

Fully love yourself, in body and mind.

Who is Helena Collins?

Helena collins is the multi award winning internationally known fitness and lifestyle coach

Helena collins is the multi award winning internationally known fitness and lifestyle coach

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Me? I was not born with great genetics.

Not only have I thrived through endless illnesses from the day I was born (including breast cancer two years ago), I was blessed with a shape that caused me to feel inadequate (I had thunder thighs, a bad back and bad knees) and an abusive family.

Why blessed?

The real self hatred I felt coupled with an unsupportive family and a list of genetic diseases helped me, really forced me, to begin this awesome journey called a Life in Synergy. A solution that brings me real joy, love, peace and happiness every day. Just accepting the problems I faced was not enough, I needed to learn how to be in control and solve them and then use those solutions as a platform of support. To learn to love myself because I could change the things I did not like instead of just burying my head in the sand and putting on a fake smile. I found real solutions, to my very real problems.

I have spent over 40 years of my life in global study of metaphysics, science and exercise research to discover and unlock this amazing pathway to peace and I cannot wait to share it with you. 

There are always problems, will yours uplift you or crush you?

What's your story?

Are You Ready?

Every journey begins with a single thought. 

Have the thought...

I am ready to love me.

I am ready to be at peace.

I am ready to love my body and love my life!

Each time that one of you has the courage to learn to love themselves, it increases the love in the world. Join me in creating a world filled with love.

Are you ready to love yourself more?

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— Claire C.
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— Jonathan L.
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Commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.
— Jonathan L.
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You can EXPECT to learn new insights about yourself

You can EXPECT to understand how your mind maps to your body and how to use that to solve problems

You can EXPECT to see exciting loving changes in how you look, feel, act and react

You can EXPECT to look forward to and to love your me time, meditating, walking, breathing and moving

You can EXPECT to become more efficient and to achieve more

You can EXPECT to have deeper an more meaningful relationships


You can EXPECT how to learn to say NO!

You can EXPECT to learn how fully care for yourself

You can EXPECT to learn how to be self first not selfish

You can EXPECT to LOVE YOU!!!

There are so many more expectations that will be delivered on, all you have to do is show and do the work and allow your Life in Synergy to unfold.

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A Life in Synergy is a life of truth.

Learning to own yours and speak it to the world.

Are you ready to be honest and in your truth?

Are you ready to make simple changes that in their simplicity require real work to accomplish?

Are you ready to apply your effort to you?

I learned how to love myself with out judgment or condition. Sounds easy enough, right? Yet it is perhaps the most difficult challenge I have ever faced.
— L.H- San Francisco, California

So if you believe…

•That you only gain results by killing yourself

•That you need to deprive yourself to succeed

•Think you already know how to change

•Are not willing to look at yourself with an open mind and heart

•Want to stay stuck in the problem, because you love to complain

•Then you are not ready for this journey. Which is fine, you need to be ready for the work to flow.

•But if you are, get ready for the change to manifest in your life.

•To attract the perfect situations for your ultimate growth and to ride the LIS train to peace, happiness, love and contentment.

•That you are chained to a specific outcome or reality…

Then this program is not for you, but if you are ready to truly make life shifting changes…

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ARE YOU READY to Love yourself fully?

To Love your body, love your life, love every meal,

and be in control of creating your ideal world?