The time is now!!!!

Learn the Synergistics Fitness Method® and begin a love affair with your workouts and your body. All great relationships begin with true communication and love, not abuse and fear. Stop fearing the gym and start looking forward to your mind/body me time! The motivation of a group class with the privacy to really work on you! The perfect combination for your ultimate success. 

The Synergistics Fitness Method® creates the strongest mind body connection, allowing you to get faster results by supercharging every move with the power of your mind. Stop doing random moves with the hope that they will work. Feel results instantly. You, your mind and your body connected fully to create the ultimate YOU!

Join me and women from all over the world Saturday mornings at 9 am EST for a live online SFM class! Experience how just one hour of SFM a week will change your body and help you to finally love all of you!!!!!!!

 Each class is only $20, you are worth it! 

What you will need:

A mat or towel to work out on

Water (or coffee, cause it's early on a Saturday - full disclosure; I usually have both:-)

A laptop or desktop computer with Safari or Firefox as a browser


Let's do it!